Jenny Gracie, LLB

Jenny Gracie is a clear legal writing enthusiast!

Jenny Gracie
Having been a legal practitioner for 25 years (now non-practising),

Jenny helps English-speaking lawyers (including non-native speakers) to communicate internationally.

Jenny uses her legal and translation experience to:

=> train lawyers to write as clearly as possible for the digital age

=> edit, making French & English legal text as clear as possible, without losing the legal meaning.

Let Jenny help you to make your contracts, PowerPoints, website pages and articles fit for purpose!

Please note that Jenny does not give legal advice.


1993               Solicitor (non-practising since 2014).

1998               Mediator (all issues).

2004               Collaborative lawyer.

2008               Clear legal writing practitioner (editing and training).

2009 – 2012    Registered European Lawyer (REL) of the Lyon Barreau, France.

2013 – 2020    French court-approved translator (registered at the Paris Court of Appeal).

2016 –            Associate Research Fellow of the French institute of advanced legal studies, Paris

(‘Institut des Hautes Etudes sur la Justice’)

Teaching experience

2008 – 2020    Clear Legal Writing trainer of French judges and legal practitioners.

2008 – 2012    Visiting lecturer on the legal system of England & Wales at Lyon University.

Membership of organisations

2015 –             Member of the French Comparative Law Society (Société de Législation Comparée)

2010-2012      Member of the European Bars Federation (FBE) Commission “Future of the Profession”.

2005 – 2011    Council Member of the Law Society of England and Wales (representing Surrey).


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