“We must be clear no one not even the President is above the law.” (Chair of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler, 10 December [ Read more >>]

Recent events have underlined the importance of safeguarding the rule of law. As John Locke stated in 1690 “Where-ever law ends, tyranny begins”.
Lawyer independence protects [ Read more >>]

Clear legal writing examples

Ignorance of the law is no defence.
If the code of cyberspace is law, as Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig suggested in 2000[1], then what excuse do [ Read more >>]

The law is complex, but the unnecessary layer of complexity that exists in most legal drafting can and should be removed. This would facilitate access [ Read more >>]

What does ‘comprehensible’ add to ‘clarity’?
When the very legislation that prescribes clarity is unclear, then how can people comply with it?
The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation [ Read more >>]